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Welcome to Hypi!

Hypi is a low code platform for developing lightning-fast, scalable data-driven applications. Want to populate the front end of your application with data without much coding? This low-code backend-as-a-service will do the work for you. Hypi works as a reusable component that helps to minimize efforts to build applications.

The right set of building blocks does wonders to create Modern Software. Hypi supports this paradigm by taking the next step beyond microservices. Hypi offers a comprehensive low-code app development platform for innovation.

APIs developed by Hypi are easy to use, super compatible with various programming languages, and modern in approach. Hypi makes use of serverless computing. As a result, users can deploy code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Here are few real-life scenarios where Hypi may act as a building block:

  • Messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Snapchat

  • Social media applications like Facebook, Twitter

  • Data-driven mobile applications, e.g. any dictionary or calendar.

  • Payment system like PayPal

Wondering how to use Hypi in your product? In this guide, we will take you through a journey to build the backend services like that of Facebook.

Check out the sample application built using Hypi.

Refer to the detailed documentation of Hypi APIs as well.