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our mission

Empowering the next generation of app makers

Hypi was founded on the realisation of how complex software development is and how that complexity deprives the vast majority from leveraging technological advancements.

our Products

Hypi offers an AI-powered Low-Code and No-Code platform suited for large scale international businesses, and small to medium enterprises.



At the core of Hypi is out low-code platform. When building applications, one of the main things needed by that app is the API to get data in and out.

Hypi provides a UI which allows you to visually create the 80% of that API that is usually repetitive, not unique but necessary to 9 out of 10 apps.

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We’re demystifying the app-building process with our no-code editor, which allows non-technical users to build mobile & web apps without a single line of code.

We’re launching our AI capabilities to make your experience as easy as typing your thoughts, which we will commercialise in Q2 2024.



Our low-code platform is backed by an enterprise-class cloud storage.

Also launched as a standalone product, MekaDB can provide developers the data security and flexibility that they’d normally get from the big players, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Our milestones


The Hypi brand established and UK company incorporated.


Hypi licences low-code platform to an international US-based pharmaceutical company


Laying the foundations of our no-code platform, and implemented updates to our low-code solution


Raised our first round of funding from investors, SFC Capital Partners.


Raised additional funding and opening of our second office in Malta.

Expansion of our services with mobile, desktop and web application development.


Employs a Head of Sales and Marketing for a stronger promotional reach-out.

Designs, develops and launches the first application within the Snap line-up.


Opened our early access to building applications with AI.

Launches our enterprise-class SQL database, MekaDB.

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Hypi embodies innovation through simplicity

Hypi's low-code platform and MekaDB, developers can build and run web and mobile applications faster using JavaScript, GraphQL, and Hypi's robust database solutions. Simplify development tasks, streamline workflows, and focus on creating innovative solutions without worrying about infrastructure or backend code.

Our Team


CEO & Co-Founder

As Hypi's CEO, I lead our goal to make advanced technology accessible, providing scalable solutions for businesses globally.

As CEO and co-founder, I bring leadership, strategic planning, and software engineering skills to Hypi. Navigating its growth stages, I've forged key partnerships with clients and investors, fueled by a background in software engineering and a passion for democratizing technology.

Join us as we revolutionize technology accessibility for businesses of all sizes. Together, we'll simplify complexity and pave the way for innovation. Welcome to the future of software development with Hypi.


Sales & Marketing

At Hypi, I lead sales and marketing, driving innovation, and crafting relationships to power our unstoppable growth and success.

As Head of Sales and Marketing, I specialise in driving business development to achieve significant revenue growth. Over an illustrious 18-year career across various industries, particularly in FinTech, I've crafted successful marketing strategies and fostered robust client relationships.

Let's embark on a journey of growth and success together. With Hypi's innovative solutions and your expertise, we'll elevate businesses to new heights. Join us and be part of our success story.


CTO & Co-Founder

As Hypi’s CTO, I lead tech innovation, craft scalable solutions, and prioritise user-centric experiences at Hypi.

As CTO and Co-founder, my proficiency in technical product management, software development, and product strategy drives Hypi's innovation. With extensive experience in scalable digital product design, I optimse performance and user experience.

Unlock your potential and lead the charge in tech innovation with Hypi. Together, we'll create scalable solutions and redefine industry standards. Join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of technology.