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Product owners


Startup founders

Platform for Developers

Build and run web and mobile applications faster using JavaScript, GraphQL, and Hypi. Or build API services and integrations enabling you to connect your data sources and expose them through a unified API with a robust query language.

Front-end Flexibility

Platform for Product owners

Operate with a small team to get any size job done. Product owners often struggle against the scarcity of professional software engineers. Whether you are launching a new product, reinventing customer experience or streamlining operations, Hypi is an affordable way to build and reinvent digital product and services fast.

Deliver product and services to market faster

Evolve and grow with new technologies

Auto-scales to meet your user demands

An infrastructure that is high availability

Increase efficiency and enable growth

Deliver with a smaller and less expensive team

A cost-effective way to streamline operations

Reinvent your customer experiences

Platform for Agencies and Freelancers

Developers become more productive

It takes years to learn to code correctly. As rapid innovation happens, the lack of experienced developers increases. Hypi is a technology applying which even junior developer becomes even more efficient than a senior one.

Time-to-market is crucial for any product

Over 2 million businesses are created per day. The time-to-market becomes the crucial competitive advantage. Hypi reduces time for developing and allows for rolling the product several times faster.

Technology should not limit success

Technology should not limit your design or thinking process; designers and product teams should not think about technology restrictions. Hypi provides a powerful and flexible platform for implementing any idea, letting you focus your effort on your customers and business goals.

Platform for Founders and Entrepenuers

Maximise your effort with the smallest resource

It doesn’t matter what size you are; whether you’re a founder with a small team, an entrepreneur with limited resources building the next big thing or an enterprise expanding your operation. Hypi, with its flexible pricing, would be the best option for developing an MVP.

Running experiments and collecting useful data

Validate your hypotheses about your business model. Your goal is to prove or disprove these hypotheses running experiments. Hypi is a foundation for building working prototypes and collecting useful data.

Instantly scale your MVP and services automatically

After reviewing your hypotheses and you’re ready to scale your MVP. Hypi platform is enterprise-ready and technologically equipped, automatically scaling to any size to match your need, no DevOps needed.