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Hypi Tink has three boards that offer various features; Mood, Stories , and Designer. When you create a project on Hypi Tink, these boards are automatically created.

Let's take an overview of these boards one by one.


While designing a User Interface, you may need the help of certain resources like images, videos, weblinks, etc. And then you come across interesting resources while browsing on the internet. You may feel certain resources would be the best fit for a certain section of the User Interface.

On Mood Board, you can add various sections designed for the user interface. Add title and description of the section and start saving the resources. You can

  • Save the links of the resources for future use.
  • Initiate a discussion with your team members on how to utilize the resource.
  • Modify the resource further.
  • Decide the color theme of the section

Simply save as many sections and resources as you need!


How is the end-user going to use a specific feature of my App?

This question makes a lot of difference while enhancing the utility of the App. The formation of User Stories starts with this question.

User story is an informal, natural language description of features of an App.

Stories board facilitates adding User Stories to the application. Here, you can


Designer board is the main board of Hypi Tink that implements different screens or user interfaces of an application. As per the design of your screens, add different screens and their components.

Hypi Tink offers a large pool of components offering various functionalities. You may customize the added components as well.

With Designer board, you can

  • Add different screens with adjusted sizes for various kinds of devices
  • Decorate each screen with different widgets or components like text, call-to-action buttons, lists, dropdowns, images, etc.
  • Assign properties to the widget
  • Customize widgets using different Themes or Colour Schemes
  • Handle widget events using logic
  • Link screens to User Stories and Data models
  • Publish the App to various marketplaces