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Welcome to Hypi Tink!

Build Apps faster in Visual and No Code way - Simply use Hypi Tink!

What is Hypi Tink

  • A programming tool that makes App creation simple, effortless, and easy
  • An end-to-end support for designing eye-catching User Interface with robust Backend
  • A visual path-way to build Apps faster with the power of Reuse

What it offers

  • Simply drag and drop widgets to design User Interfaces or Screens
  • Effortlessly add text, colour, call-to-action buttons, images, and more to the user interface
  • Add User Stories to capture end-user perspectives
  • Design **Data Models **to implement User Stories
  • Link Screen designs to User Stories and Data models
  • Implement bespoke actions by adding desired workflows
  • Ideate the designs by making notes on the boards

What kind of Apps you can build

  • Android, iOS, or web applications with a provision to publish in the marketplaces
  • Applications with simple to complex User Interface designs
  • Applications with screen width adjustments
  • Applications connecting to external services through APIs
  • Applications with CRUD operations, serverless computing features

**There are limitless possibilities on what kind of Applications you can build! **

With your own unique user stories, data models, and screens, create various kinds of applications with great user values on Hypi Tink: No Code - Visual Way!