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· 2 min read

Hypi was founded with the goal of "simplifying software development".

We want to make cutting edge technology accessible to everyone. Over the years we've built out the infrastructure we believe we need to make this a reality.

Today, we take the next leap forward as we're announcing Hypi AI!

Hypi's AI is an all-encompassing service, you can think of it as an assistant who understands your requirements and is able to turn them into production ready apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and Web!

The future of software development is here. The future is AI, the future is Hypi. Sign up at [](

· 6 min read

Today, the Hypi team is proud to announce the availability of Fenrir. Our new serverless platform, designed to with simplicity and performance in mind!

Fenrir is built to be as simple, performant and un-intrusive as possible.

With today's announcement, we're making available support for Java, Python and NodeJS functions. We plan to release support for other languages like Ruby, Rust and others over the next few months.

What's more, we're making serverless accessible on our free plan. So you can test it out before deploying production workloads.

A set of complete examples are available in the Hypi serverless examples repository on Github We encourage you to give it a try today!